Covid 19 and Flu Vaccination Campaign

Oct 28, 2022

Covid-19 Booster for Over 65’s and 18- 65 with a Immunocompromising Disease
Autumn 2022
Flu Vaccines now also Available

We are delighted to commence our Covid 19 and Flu Vaccination Campaign Autumn 2022 ​ ​ This is for over 65 year old’s, whom have had their primary course of Covid Vacccine and over 18 year old’s who are immunocompromised due to medication or illness. ​ See HSE for what is immunocompromised This vaccination is NOT suitable for those seeking to have a Covid vaccination for the first time or Primary Course – first two vaccinations Over 65’s will be contacted via a SMS message with link to book an appointment. ​ Bookings can be made via phoning the surgery at 056 7721320 ​ Vaccinations will begin week of 3rd October In the GP surgery. Where possible this will be given at same time as Flu vaccination. IT MUST BE AT LEAST 4 MONTHS SINCE YOUR LAST COVID BOOSTER OR COVID ILLNESS. You can attend an appointment for Covid and flu vaccination flu vaccination only or covid vaccination only Click here for further information: