Measles Update Feb 2024

Mar 18, 2024

Info Updated 18th March 2024

The measles situation is changing quickly.

Please see below the current Guidelines


  1. Patients born before 1978 – presumed vaccinated or previously exposed to measles – no vaccine needed – but if patient unsure we can give vaccination.
  1. Patients between 18 and 45 years – if unsure we can vaccinate – priority for those 18-25 years.
  1. If a child is under 1 travelling to measles outbreak country – they can receive vaccination early BUT SHOULD STILL RECEIVE MMR AT 1YRS ALSO.
  1. If received first dose at 12months – they will receive their second dose in junior infants – no need to expediate course.
  1. Age 1yrs to junior infants – If no MMR vaccine – offer appointment 1st dose – 2nd will be given in junior infants.
  1. If over 5yrs and no MMR given – we can offer same – with follow up second dose 4 weeks later
  1. If child known to have missed primary school vaccinations Junior infants we can give 2nd dose mmr

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